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Check out the shows we've booked for the 2018-2019 season at the Gladstone and District Community Center. Season tickets are now available at the Gladwest Rec Office  (385-2002.) Tickets include three shows and priority reserved seating at all the events (best seats!)

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Three Emerging Artists-October 19

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Three emerging Manitoba Artists in one great evening of entertainment. 

Ila Barker

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The Janzen Boys

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Mika Dawn

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WSO-December 13, 2018

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Get into the spirit of the season with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra live in Gladstone on their annual Holiday tour. 

Raine Hamilton/Heather Jean Jordan-February 2019

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Raine’s new album, Night Sky, tips between the earthly and the otherworldly. it is anchored in relatable lived experience, while reaching into the space just beyond, thinning the veil between here and there, affording safe passage to the rough and beautiful places.


Raine’s ethereal voice and lyrics are at the forefront of these powerful and relatable tunes, written both in English and in French. Alongside cello + double bass, and with Raine on violin or guitar, these songs have a moving string quartet feel with a cosmic reach.


Raine is also a charming and funny storyteller, pairing her vulnerable tunes with engaging story intros. Raine believes that music is for everyone, and that we all have something to share. An experienced educator, Raine offers workshops in songwriting and fiddle tune writing (EN/FR). Raine also offers concerts with American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, to help make live music and the community that comes with it accessible to the Deaf community.


Raine has toured Canada extensively, driving, flying, and floating her way coast to coast. Highlights include: Performing songs with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (3 times!), playing a show in a cave (10 stories below the earth!), playing festivals across Canada (Home County, Filberg Fest, Lilac Fest, The Works, Harvest Sun, Harvest Moon, Trout Forest), playing for her passage on Via Rail, and meeting so many amazing humans along the way. She reports a full and smiling heart <3.

Sounds like: A string quartet + Sarah Harmer + Joni Mitchell

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Heather Jean Jordan’s fresh and timeless sound will charm you back to a time long past- one you didn’t know you remember, and won’t soon forget.

Shrouded in mystery, and clouded by confusion, Heather Jean Jordan’s beginnings are of some contention. She claims to be Manitoba born and raised, but beyond this rumours abound…


Was she raised by polar bears in the Great Canadian North? Played into existence by a laughing fiddler? Some say she was taken in by a kindly family of Reader’s Digest Songbooks who fed her on Blues & Broadway, Country & Classical, then released her back into the tall grass prairie when she proved too difficult to handle.


However uncertain her origins, her music sings clear and true. It is the tune you wake up whistling, the tall tale told by a crackling fire, the sweet song of a meadowlark on a clear summer day. If you find yourself waltzing from room to room, filled with the longing for a warm hearth, don’t be alarmed- these effects are only natural. Heather Jean’s music is good for the soul. 

CASATI-March 8, 2019

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Like three hearts beating in perfect time, the music of Casati is a living thing, constantly changing, evolving and reinventing itself. Grace Hrabi, Jesse Popeski & Quintin Bart search for stories waiting to be told and collaborate in bringing them to life. Songs about love found or lost, cautionary tales of time slipping away or even a whimsical tune about bicycle rides.